Tumblr Wish List

Lists, so I could make sure short text posts weren’t being lost in the sea of GIF sets. I like both. Just the former gets lost in the latter.

Solve threaded reblogs, because nothing is more impossible to read than a 13 person deep reblog thread.

Organize the list, so, my tumblrs, on the right side of the dash? Can’t I be allowed to manually reorganize/prioritize?

GIFs OFF Mode, so my internet can be horrible sometimes, and I’d rather be allowed to choose which load and which don’t.

“_____ is following you” — hey, those idiots running Twitter have this, easy to see and find. Why can’t Tumblr?

Never See From This Advertiser — I’m pretty sure some of you don’t want Axe all in your dash. 

Anything you’d add to this list?


Journalism wish list

Aside from a paying gig in the industry, what I want is a competent feature length article where the author has zero bias, about the middle east conflict. it’s the topic i’ve tried over time to purposefully know the least about, and I’m done with that.