Watch This Wrestling 39 (10/1—7)

Hello friends! Yes, this is the third of three posts that went up late, and back to back to back. Why? Because I was giving every spare piece of energy to this:

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What I Watched

  • Monday Night Raw, 10/2
  • SmackDown LIVE, 10/3
  • 205 Live, 10/3
  • NXT, 10/4
  • Lucha Underground, 10/4

Upcoming Watch List

  • WWE Hell In A Cell, 10/8
  • MLW One Shot, 10/8
  • PROGRESS: Revelations Of Divine Love, 10/8
  • Monday Night Raw, 10/9
  • NJPW King Of Pro Wrestling, 10/9
  • SmackDown LIVE, 10/10
  • 205 Live, 10/10
  • NXT, 10/11
  • Lucha Underground, 10/12

Non-WWE Match of The Week:

Hair vs. Mask: Fenix vs. Marty “The Moth” Martinez

Lucha Underground, 10/4

Solid blowoff here, though the victory was clearly foreshadowed to anyone who pays attention to indie wrestling in the US. Fortunately, the match provided serious intensity from both men, as well as enough blood to make you question your will to watch (for a second week in a row).

While the heel turn from The Mariposa didn’t feel foreshadowed, the involvement from both her and Melissa Santos felt necessary and warranted here. I just don’t know where Marty goes from here.

Honorable Mentions:

  • Ivelisse vs Katrina, Lucha Underground, 10/4

Non-WWE Segment of The Week

Ethan Page Discusses Future After Evolve Wrestling Departure

Evolve’s loss is the wrestling world’s gain, or so that’s the message that All Ego Ethan Page is projecting. Yet again proving he’s willing to do something different, Page takes the “hottest free agent” trope, and spins it on its head.

Here’s my own letter: 

Dear New York-based indie wrestling promotions,


Honorable Mentions:

  • Ivelisse and Jeremiah Crane argue, Lucha Underground, 10/4

WWE Match of The Week:

Roderick Strong vs Drew McIntyre © for the NXT Championship

NXT, 10/4

A great, brutal, and strong match, but I love it for the kicker at the end of the segment.

In my text editor, I have a passage that reads “As I watch the end of NXT TV 10/4, I cackle. The Roddy Heel Turn Is Apparently On Its Way.”

Honorable Mentions:

  • Roman Reigns vs The Miz © for the Intercontinental Championship, Monday Night Raw, 10/2

WWE Segment of the Week:

Silent fist action

Monday Night Raw, 10/2

The first Raw of the month narrowly averted disaster. While it almost appeared to end with the biggest let-down in ages — Kalisto joining the Cruiserweight division — it didn’t.