Watch This Wrestling 49 (12/10—12/16)

Hello friends!

As always, if I’m missing anything that can be accessed without too much trouble, @ me on twitter: henrytcasey .

What I Watched

  • Beyond Wrestling: Cold Brew, 12/10
  • Evolve 97, 12/10
  • Fight Club Pro: Infinite, 12/10
  • Monday Night Raw, 12/11
  • SmackDown LIVE, 12/12
  • 205 Live, 12/12
  • NXT, 12/13
  • Death Match 7, 12/13
  • MLW: Never Say Never, 12/13
  • Impact Wrestling, 12/14
  • Progress Chapter 59: Whatever People Say We Are, That’s What We’re Not, 12/15
  • House of Glory: Se7en, 12/16

Upcoming Watch List

  • WWE Clash of Champions 2017, 12/17
  • Monday Night Raw, 12/18
  • SmackDown LIVE, 12/19
  • 205 Live, 12/19
  • NXT, 12/20
  • Progress: Live at the Dome (12/13), 12/22

Non-WWE Match of The Week:

Mark Davis vs. Jordan Devlin vs. MK McKinnan vs. Omari (Infinity 2017 – Final)

Fight Club: PRO: Infinity 2017

Fight Club Pro — one of my favorite new promotions to watch this year — came to a raucous crescendo with its Infinity 2017 tournament. And so while I wanted to give the point to one of the many other good matches from that week (wow, see below), this elimination based-fourway was so solid. Not only does it offer a chaotic scramble style, but you practically got a whole other great match when it was down to the final two. 

Honorable Mentions:

  • Walter vs David Starr, Beyond Wrestling: Cold Brew, 12/10
  • Darby Allin vs. Keith Lee vs. “Hot Sauce” Tracy Williams, Evolve 97, 12/10
  • Jaka vs. Zack Sabre, Jr. © (Evolve World Championship), Evolve 97, 12/10
  • Matt Riddle vs. WALTER (No Rope Breaks Match), Evolve 97, 12/10
  • Omari vs. Millie McKenzie (Infinity 2017 – First Round), Fight Club: PRO: Infinity 2017, 12/10 VOD
  • Kay Lee Ray vs. Mark Davis (Infinity 2017 – First Round), Fight Club: PRO: Infinity 2017, 12/10 VOD
  • Ospreay/Okada vs Naito/Takahashi, NJPW World Tag League Final, 12/11
  • Zack Sabre Jr. vs Chuck Taylor in a Falls Count Anywhere No Ring Match, Death Match 7, 12/13
  • MJF vs Joey Ryan, MLW: Never Say Never, 12/13 
  • Shane Strickland & John Hennigan vs Jimmy Havoc & Darby Allin, MLW: Never Say Never, 12/13
  • Grizzled Young Vets (Zack Gibson & James Drake) vs Aussie Open (Kyle Fletcher & Mark Davis), Progress Chapter 59: Whatever People Say We Are, That’s What We’re Not, 12/15
  • EYFBO (Angel Ortiz & Mike Draztik) vs Private Party vs House Of Gangone vs Brian Burgundy & TJ Marconi, House of Glory: Se7en, 12/16
  • Zack Sabre Jr. vs Amazing Red, House of Glory: Se7en, 12/16

Non-WWE Segment of The Week

A Wild Chris Jericho Appears… And Then

NJPW World Tag League Final, 12/11

What started as a fantastic surprise now has some teeth to it, thanks to these two segments. Just, bravo. 

Also, gotta love the subtle trolling from Jericho, in the lines saying this match will end Omega, he specifically suggests it’s the end of Omega’s run in New Japan. 

    WWE Match of The Week:

    Roman Reigns vs. Cesaro – Intercontinental Championship Match

    Monday Night Raw, 12/11

    Ah Cesaro. Remember what I said about his former fellow King of Wrestling in WTW 48? Same goes here. 

    And this match allowed him to show management that he’s ready as hell for a singles push if and when Sheamus retires.

    Honorable Mentions:

    WWE Segment of the Week:

    “Don’t talk to Drew like that.” – Tony Nese / Tony Nese vs Enzo Amore

    205 Live, 12/12

    It pissed off many that Enzo Amore got the cruiserweight championship, but wow has this situation helped Drew Gulak. While the below segment focuses on the match between Nese and Amore, I’m only bringing it in as contextual info to a clip WWE’s YouTube doesn’t have, a backstage segment where Gulak’s Team PowerPoint buddy Tony Nese — maybe Drew’s one true friend — stuck up for Drew. 

    The sadness of the betrayal, though. Not since Festival of Friendship has WWE hit this note so well.

    Honorable Mentions:


    Watch This Wrestling 38 (9/24—30)

    Hello friends!

    As always, if I’m missing anything that can be accessed without too much trouble, @ me on twitter: henrytcasey.

    What I Watched

    • NJPW Destruction in Kobe, 9/24
    • Beyond: Far Beyond Wrestling, 9/24
    • WWE No Mercy, 9/24
    • Monday Night Raw, 9/25
    • SmackDown LIVE, 9/26
    • 205 Live, 9/26
    • NXT, 9/27
    • Lucha Underground, 9/27
    • Fight Club Pro Project Mayhem VI, 9/22+23, released on VOD 9/29+30

    Upcoming Watch List

    • Monday Night Raw, 10/2
    • SmackDown LIVE, 10/3
    • 205 Live, 10/3
    • NXT, 10/4
    • Lucha Underground, 10/4

    Non-WWE Match of The Week:

    Killshot vs Dante Fox in a Hell of War (Three Stages of Hell) Match

    Lucha Underground, 9/25

    When wrestling reaches to the furthest depths of its dark heart, it winds up in matches that make you question your own morals. Killshot and Dante (aka AR) Fox created such hideous glory in the best death match of the week, which is a high compliment when Jimmy Havoc’s in a Hashtag-DeathHouse tag team match.

    After this match, I need to see Dante Fox and Killshot elevated into the main event picture, as I care about few who will be there next season (aka bye bye Ricochet, have fun in the WWE) as much as them. Specifically, Fox’s facial expressions were as evocative and emotionally gripping as any you see inside the squared circle.

    Honorable Mentions:

    • Juice Robinson vs Kenny Omega © for the NJPW US Championship, NJPW Destruction in Kobe, 9/24
    • Death House: Callous Hearts (Clint Margera & Jimmy Havoc) vs Drew Parker & Rickey Shane Page in a Deathmatch, Fight Club Pro Project Mayhem VI Night 1
    • Shane Strickland vs Omari, Fight Club Pro Project Mayhem VI Night 2
    • Joey Janela vs AR Fox, Beyond: Far Beyond Wrestling, 9/24

    Non-WWE Segment of The Week

    Kenny Omega Dunks On YOSHI-HASHI

    NJPW Destruction in Kobe, 9/24

    NJPW is (on occasion) doing more with its post-show press conferences. This week’s was a delight, because we got to see Kenny Omega give the proper reaction to YOSHI-FRICKIN-HASHI of all people asking for a title shot. That response? Mockery. Stating he’ll give the dude his best match of the year.

    WWE Match of The Week:

    The Bar (Cesaro and Sheamus) vs Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins ©

    WWE No Mercy, 9/24

    It’s very good that I waited 4 extra days to write about this match, because it gave us this fucking shirt:


    What I love about this match is that it helps everyone. Not only do Rollins and Ambrose look 10 times better than they had during their recent singles pushes, but it elevates Cesaro and Sheamus by making them credible threats to two former world champs.

    And yes, this match wasn’t great because of Cesaro’s grizzly dental injury, but that sure did add to it.

    Honorable Mentions:
    – Bayley vs Sasha Banks vs Nia Jax vs Emma vs Alexa Bliss in a RAW Women’s Championship Fatal 5 Way Match, WWE No Mercy, 9/24
    – Kevin Owens vs Sami Zayn, SmackDown LIVE, 9/25

    WWE Segment of the Week:

    As The Enzo Turns

    Monday Night Raw, 9/25 and 205 Live, 9/26

    This is a story told in three parts. First of all, Neville throwing out the fucks he has about the Cruiserweight title.

    Then Braun Strowman wrecking shop, followed by the whole 205 Live gang running … well, destroying Enzo.

    Lastly, Enzo’s full, unchallenged promo. Some don’t like a promo that doesn’t get met with opposition. Me, I think it helps confirm that Enzo is now the bad guy, by wearing out his welcome better with audiences. The issue with Enzo is that the crowd always starts to chuckle if he can jaw jack at a target in front of him.

    Honorable Mentions:


    Watch This Wrestling 32 (8/13—19)

    This one’s later than ever, but with good reasons (excuses).

    First of all, I spent my post-SummerSlam energy writing this: The Five Wrestling Fans You Meet in Hell for Cageside Seats, which – judging by the amount of comments – was a good bit of business for them. In it, I unload a lot of long-standing gripes I’ve had with fans, and even chide myself.

    And then, before I knew it, I needed to spend my weekend conserving my energy. BOLA is only 5 days away now, and I need to be as close to 💯 for it as possible. So, expect Vol. 33 to drop shortly after this one.

    As always, if I’m missing anything that can be accessed without too much trouble, @ me on twitter: henrytcasey.

    What I Watched

    • NJPW: G1 Climax Finals, 8/13
    • Monday Night Raw, 8/14
    • SmackDown LIVE, 8/15
    • 205 Live, 8/15
    • NXT, 8/16
    • Lucha Underground, 8/16
    • House of Glory: High Intensity 6, 8/18
    • NXT: TakeOver Brooklyn III, 8/19

    Upcoming Watch List

    • SummerSlam, 8/20
    • Monday Night Raw, 8/21
    • SmackDown LIVE, 8/22
    • 205 Live, 8/22
    • Ethan Page: Another Way To Get Paid with ACH, 8/22
    • NXT, 8/23
    • Lucha Underground, 8/23
    • WCPW World Cup – Round of 16, 8/23
    • WCPW World Cup – Quarter Finals, 8/24
    • EVOLVE Mini-Doc: Darby Allin vs. Timothy Thatcher, 8/25
    • WCPW World Cup – Finals, 8/26

    Non-WWE Segment of The Week

    “I am alive. That is all.”

    NJPW: G1 Climax Finals, 8/13

    With those words, fans started to breathe again. In a world where undead-men retire and retire and retire afain, these words can mean all the literal word when you worry the exact opposite was going to happen.

    That’s because we heard these word uttered by Katsuyori Shibata in his first appearance since his likely-career-ending match with Okada.

    I mention this here because I find it necessary to harp on New Japan’s safety issues. This moment’s calming nature is an unfortunate best-case scenario – that these performers haven’t died for their art – for moments that don’t seem to be disappearing from the promotion any time soon.

    I’d hope that the terrible tables go away, and shoot-headbutts are banned, but these seem like features and not bugs.

    Non-WWE Match of The Week:

    Kenny Omega vs Tetsuya Naito

    NJPW: G1 Climax Finals, 8/13

    This match was amazing because of – and in spite of its – accidental dangerous moments. Specifically everything involving or near the railing or the tables.

    Both Naito and Omega managed to make those last second adjustments, ala AJ Styles and Ellsworth, so they didn’t kill each other.

    WWE Match of The Week:

    Ember Moon vs Asuka ©

    NXT: TakeOver Brooklyn III, 8/19

    Shades of what NJPW matches did well in the G1. A methodical build, focusing on a limb, false finishes, and a heel deservedly going over. Reminds me a lot of Juice lately, winning by losing.

    As a final match for Asuka in NXT, which it appears to be, it’s solid. Unfortunately, I don’t see much of a defined persona for Ember yet. Think she needs at least one more feud down there before she can have a chance to not drown in the cacophony of noise on the main roster.

    Honorable Mentions:

    • Akira Tozawa vs Neville, Monday Night Raw, 8/14
    • Johnny Gargano vs Andrade “Cien” Almas", NXT: TakeOver Brooklyn III, 8/19
    • Authors of Pain vs Sanity, NXT: TakeOver Brooklyn III, 8/19

    WWE Segment of the Week:


    NXT: TakeOver Brooklyn III, 8/19

    When this was over, I believe, Myke asked me if I was happy with it. Yes, I’m sure I said, because this moment was what NXT needed. It’s the biggest story point – tying together multiple divisions and possibly bringing in the world of pro wrestling – that the NXT brand has ever seen.

    And sure, invasion angles don’t have the best history, but it’s NXT’s first and we’ve got high hopes for the long-term execution, as the groundwork has certainly been laid.

    First off, Nigel popping hard and yelling ADAM COLE BAYBAY before Cole or the Brooklyn audience could, helps establish that as canon. It also sets up a “what did McGuinness know, and when did he know it?” angle.


    Watch This Wrestling 29 (7/23–29)

    Yep, this is late. Blame Atomic Blonde. Had I not gone to see that, I’d have kept to schedule and had time, and probably not fell asleep before I could do this on Sunday and then on Monday.

    As always, if I’m missing anything that can be accessed without too much trouble, @ me on twitter: henrytcasey.

    What I Watched

    • NJPW: G1 Climax Day 5, 7/23
    • WWE Battleground, 7/23
    • Monday Night Raw, 7/24
    • SmackDown LIVE, 7/25
    • 205 Live, 7/25
    • NJPW: G1 Climax Day 6, 7/25
    • NXT, 7/26
    • NJPW: G1 Climax Day 7, 7/26
    • Lucha Underground, 7/26
    • NJPW: G1 Climax Day 8, 7/27
    • Progress Chapter 52: Vote Pies, 7/28 VOD
    • NJPW: G1 Climax Day 9, 7/29

    Upcoming Watch List

    • NJPW: G1 Climax Day 10, 7/30
    • Monday Night Raw, 7/31
    • SmackDown LIVE, 8/1
    • 205 Live, 8/1
    • NJPW: G1 Climax Day 11, 8/1
    • NXT, 8/2
    • Lucha Underground, 8/2
    • NJPW: G1 Climax Day 12, 8/2
    • NJPW: G1 Climax Day 13, 8/4
    • Progress Chapter 53: Fate Loves The Fearless, TBD VOD
    • NJPW: G1 Climax Day 14, 8/5

    Non-WWE Segment of The Week

    ACH: The Main Event Player

    An Evolve Mini-Doc, 7/23

    The story of ACH breaking bad in Evolve is a solid way to make use of him after his title opportunities didn’t go his way and he was out of the title picture. And to make matters better, this mini-doc hits the perfect tone with its handling of his comical match with Ethan Page.

    While I think this video and push could bring the Super one back to the top of the mountain as a heel, but on August 12, in Queens, NY, he’ll be facing Ethan Page again, in an opening match. I look forward to seeing how Evolve makes them actually work.

    Honorable Mentions:

    • Catrina confronts Penta, Lucha Underground, 7/26
    • Son of Havoc orders a drink, Lucha Underground, 7/26

    Non-WWE Match of The Week:

    Michael Elgin vs Kenny Omega

    NJPW: G1 Climax, 7/27

    Possibly the most shocking match so far, Omega’s loss to Elgin is memorable because of how it hooked me. I believed Kenny wouldn’t lose in the tournament, possibly until Okada, but the G1 loves to surprise.

    I was so glued to the screen once Omega couldn’t close, I don’t have any notes about this match other than a tweet that reads “holy hell Large Michael.”

    Honorable Mentions:

    • Kota Ibushi vs Tomohiro Ishii, NJPW: G1 Climax, 7/23
    • Laura Di Matteo vs. Toni Storm © (Progress Women’s Championship), Progress Chapter 52: Vote Pies, 7/28
    • Matt Riddle vs. Travis Banks, Progress Chapter 52: Vote Pies, 7/28
    • Kazuchika Okada vs SANADA, NJPW: G1 Climax, 7/25
    • Michael Elgin vs Kenny Omega, NJPW: G1 Climax, 7/27
    • Tomohiro Ishii vs Tetsuya Naito, NJPW: G1 Climax, 7/29

    WWE Match of The Week:

    New Day vs The Usos

    WWE Battleground, 7/23

    Easily the match of the night, and proof that the best match that doesn’t feature The Great Khali should start the show off. With the Uces over, this match only needed to accomplish one thing (which it did) let Xavier Woods shine.

    By having Big E sit out, Xavier got to be the hot tag for Kofi, who’s always done a good job of being the babyface in peril. The finish, though, emphatically shouts GAME OVER at Woods’ critics, if they exist.

    WWE Segment of the Week:

    The Fashion X-Files

    WWE Battleground, 7/23

    In a segment that is mysteriously not available on WWE’s YouTube channel – find it on the network – we laughed and we cried out in shock. Could not believe they pulled the stuffed horse head out, but I was pleasantly surprised that they used Mulder and Scully’s tension as a way to toy with those writing slash-fic for Breeze and Dango.

    Maybe the kidnapping of Dept. Dango will go somewhere. We can only hope that The Truth Is H.


    Watch This Wrestling 23 (6/11–17)

    A salad-days week for WWE was only emphasized by a banner show from NJPW. Nothing more needed to be said, really. Apologies for the lateness here, this was delayed by my attending the Johnny Kidd Invitational (more on that later) and the insanity that was Money In The Bank 2017.

    As always, if I’m missing anything that can be accessed without too much trouble, @ me on twitter: henrytcasey.

    What I Watched

    • NJPW: Dominion, 6/11
    • Monday Night Raw, 6/12
    • ROH Wrestling, 6/12
    • SmackDown LIVE, 6/13
    • 205 Live, 6/13
    • Talking Smack Live, 6/13
    • NXT, 6/14
    • Lucha Underground, 6/14

    Upcoming Watch List

    • Chikara: Johnny Kidd Invitational, 6/18
    • Money In The Bank, 6/18
    • Monday Night Raw, 6/19
    • ROH Wrestling, 6/19
    • SmackDown LIVE, 6/20
    • 205 Live, 6/20
    • Talking Smack Live, 6/20
    • NXT, 6/21
    • Lucha Underground, 6/21

    Non-WWE Match of The Week:

    KUSHIDA vs Hiromu Takahashi AND Kenny Omega vs Kazuchika Okada

    NJPW: Dominion, 6/11

    Here’s a first, we’ve got a draw. Yep, I can’t choose between IWGP Jr. Heavyweight and Heavyweight championship title matches, one of which … well …


    Yes, Omega/Okada 2 ending in a time-limit draw gave me the confidence to let this end in a draw. Both of these matches did one thing unquestionably better than the other, and that’s why I can’t pick. And I feel like I’ve earned a draw, having waited 23 weeks to do so.

    Omega vs Okada 2 has the dramatic storytelling that made me scream. That included Omega finally hitting the One Winged Angel too near the rope, Cody being high-key in it for himself, Okada needing the terrible table and most importantly, Omega fainting as Okada tried to hit the Rainmaker lariat.

    Unfortunately, it didn’t have the animus and the brevity of KUSHIDA vs Takahashi. That match felt like NJPW’s answer to the Owens vs Zayn feud, with brutal punches from the first bell. While I love Takahashi’s delirious, almost-drugged expressions, I still can’t care about KUSHIDA, because I can’t see much of his emotion.

    Honorable Mentions:

    • Roppongi Vice vs Young Bucks, NJPW: Dominion, 6/11
    • Hiroshi Tanahashi vs Naito, NJPW: Dominion, 6/11
    • Roppongi Vice and ? vs The Young Bucks and Adam Page, ROH, 6/12
    • The Mack vs Mala Suerte, Lucha Underground, 6/14
    • Pentagon Dark vs Argenis, Lucha Underground, 6/14

    Non-WWE Segment of The Week

    Cody Interrupts Okada

    NJPW: Dominion, 6/11

    I have not been a fan of Indie Cody, but here we got a solid character out of him. Not some asshat waffling between heel and face, but a cocky dick’ead.

    By crashing the post-match press conference, insulting the face champ Okada, and stealing dude’s beer, this is a firm persona. Further, he even insulted his own stablemate Kenny Omega, when he said Okada’s afraid of facing a true superstar.

    WWE Match of The Week:

    Nikki Cross vs Ruby Riot vs Asuka

    NXT, 6/14

    I’ve been doing some back-reads on this blog and I’ve been disappointed with how it doesn’t get to give kudos to women’s wrestling matches. And while Raw and SmackDown Live don’t seem to be scratching that itch at the moment, NXT sure as hell did.

    This title match match main-evented NXT, and even though some feel slighted by the quirks of its finish, I’m good with it. Yes, it didn’t make sense for the match to get thrown out when it’s a triple threat, before you realize it’s an elimination match, and by that point it was down to two. The non-finish to this match is good, as it leads to a one-on-one bout that will further showcase Nikki Cross.

    WWE Segment of the Week:

    Samoa Joe Interview

    Monday Night Raw, 6/12

    Yes, another week, another round of applause from yours truly for Joseph of Samoa. This guy is fire on the mic, and this promo is nearly-equal in importance to the pull-apart brawl that had him looking strong earlier in the show.


    Don’t Miss This 2 (1/13 – 1/19)

    WWE Match of the Week:

    Pete Dunne vs. Tyler Bate

    WWE United Kingdom Championship Tournament, 1/15 

    What’s more amazing, that WWE’s match of the week featured two talents that never graced the E’s network until a week before it aired, or that these two are at this level at this young an age? I like to joke with my Ring Post co-host Myke Hurley that the rest of us hate him for his youth, but Tyler Bate’s goofy nineteen-year-old ass is another hamper of crazy-pants all-together.

    First of all, I didn’t buy Bates at the start, especially due to his gee-golly ‘charm’ and the fact that his “I’ve got two fists” line ripped off James Ellsworth almost verbatim (though who knows, The Chinless Wonder might have been copying Bates).

    But from the moment Pete Dunne popped up on the screen, I hated him and enjoyed it. He’s got the perfect aesthetic as a bully, and his combination of a sneer and his fist-against-jaw give me thoughts of Miz and Kevin Owens at the same time. Plus, he’s all packed into a Sami Callahan-esque frame that makes it all feel fresh.
    But how did they get this match to be so awesome? 

    Well, by keeping the two on a steady progression of heel and face dynamics and preceding the match with Bate winning Wolfie’s respect and Dunne’s run-in on Bate, trying to break his shoulder. That’s compact storytelling, and William Regal’s outrage (and Michael Cole’s focus on said outrage) tied it all together, man. That all made the match mean a lot. You had someone to cheer, someone to boo, and they both played their parts. 

     Bate and Dunne both look their respective parts as well, Bate looks like the kid who always gets picked on by Dunne’s bully, and they were able to show and not tell over the span of the night.
    This match follows those expectations, and Dunne spends most of the match ravaging Bate’s shoulder, including a Kimura lock that looked downright grizzly. 

    If you had to take the match by itself, I’d almost prefer Mark Andrews vs Pete Dunne (which I think had a better-paced finish) from the previous round, but this one just shows how much the story-telling can add.
    The match made both of these guys huge, and I look forward to seeing what they have coming up. 

    Here’s a short clip. Watch the whole thing on the Network.

    Best WWE Segment of the Week:

    The King’s Court with Jerry The King Lawler and Dolph Ziggler

    SmackDown Live, 1/17 

    I’ll be the first to say I’m shocked that I’m giving credit to Dolph Ziggler and Jerry Lawler. Both rank high on my “fall off this planet, please” list, and will likely stay there for some time. But since Degree of Difficulty matters for me when trying to compare wrestling moments, I need to give this segment its due.

    Wrestling’s performed gimmicks always glimmer more when they’re fused with reality, and so it’s reasonable that a segment where Dolph Ziggler returned to finish the job of killing Jerry Lawler flat-out held me in its hands.
    It’s the end of the simmer-segment of Ziggler’s heel turn, which is now at full-boil. 

    Lawler’s also part of the Royal Rumble announce team, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see those two go at it. And in one segment (which draws from ages ago), they got me to care so much more about that confrontation than the inevitable Rollins & Triple H shmozz. I’ll admit that this probably worked so well for me because going shirtless-with-cape felt like it should shame Lawler a bit.

    Best non-WWE Match of the Week:

    Kenny Omega vs. Kazuchika Okada © IWGP Heavyweight Championship

    NJPW on AXS, 1/13 

    Yes, this match originally took place on January 4th, and you may know I’m not that hot on it, but the AXS TV version with Jim Ross aired for the first time on 1/13, and that’s how bad the wrestling outside of the WWE was this week. 

    Also, I need to explain something. 

    You know how Bate vs. Dunn had barely any buildup but strong face vs. heel dynamics and performances? Omega vs. Okada was the pinnacle of Good Moves and fast pacing at the end, but it had tons of build time but zero face vs. heel storytelling in the ring. As dramatic as it is to be the main event at Wrestle Kingdom at the Tokyo Dome, this match lost so much by not attempting anything aside from moves. 

    The one story, if you’ll call it that, was “this is Kenny Omega trying to achieve, but he needs his finishing move and Okada won’t let him do it.” That’s so tiny, it gets lost in the scale of it all.
    Amazing moves though, I can’t believe Okada’s neck is still intact after all of that. And good for Kenny Omega for finally getting the attention he’s earned.

    Best non-WWE Segment of the Week:

    Cody (Rhodes) Will Judge YOU, ROH Fans

    Ring of Honor, 1/15 

    This Cody right here: the post-Final Battle-heel turn on Jay Lethal, pre-Bullet Club, is the best version of Indie Cody the wrestler we cannot call Rhodes.
    It creates solid, consistent loathing from the fans. Cody’s explanation of why he turned heel is that the ROH fans were going to judge him at Final Battle, but nobody judges him. That it’s the other way around, he’s here to judge us. Also, I won’t spoil anymore, except he gets point for use of the word “proboscis." 

    Maybe some people don’t like fan heckling like "Where’s Your Sexy-Ass Wife?” yell here and the “STAAAAAR-DUUUUUUUSSSST” fan at that the debut Defy Wrestling show in Seattle, but it works so well overall. Cody trying to call security on the guy who asked where Eden was was hysterical.