Tumblr Wish List

Lists, so I could make sure short text posts weren’t being lost in the sea of GIF sets. I like both. Just the former gets lost in the latter.

Solve threaded reblogs, because nothing is more impossible to read than a 13 person deep reblog thread.

Organize the list, so, my tumblrs, on the right side of the dash? Can’t I be allowed to manually reorganize/prioritize?

GIFs OFF Mode, so my internet can be horrible sometimes, and I’d rather be allowed to choose which load and which don’t.

“_____ is following you” — hey, those idiots running Twitter have this, easy to see and find. Why can’t Tumblr?

Never See From This Advertiser — I’m pretty sure some of you don’t want Axe all in your dash. 

Anything you’d add to this list?