Watch This Wrestling 43 (10/29—11/4)

This week was better than the one before it.

As always, if I’m missing anything that can be accessed without too much trouble, @ me on twitter: henrytcasey .

What I Watched

  • Beyond Wrestling: Apocalypse Dudes, 10/29
  • Monday Night Raw, 10/30
  • SmackDown LIVE, 10/31
  • 205 Live, 10/31
  • NXT, 11/1
  • Fight Club Pro: Day of the Dead, 11/2 VOD
  • Progress Chapter 56: La Danse Macabre, 11/2 VOD

Upcoming Watch List

  • NJPW Power Struggle, 11/5
  • Monday Night Raw, 11/6
  • SmackDown LIVE, 11/7
  • 205 Live, 11/7
  • NXT, 11/8

Non-WWE Match of The Week:

Aussie Open vs Moustache Mountain

Fight Club Pro: Day of the Dead, 11/2

This match almost didn’t make it here, but because Hon. Mention 1 has Stokely and Hon. Mention 2 has Goth Martina, but wow this is a showcase of greatness.

If you’re not familiar with Kyle Fletcher and Mark Davis, collectively known as Aussie Open, then take this match — you get Tyler Bate and Trent Seven, you can trust them — as your first taste. Fletcher’s god damn one arm … well, I’ll let you see that, and everything else, for yourself.

Honorable Mentions:

  • Jonathan Gresham with Stokely Hathaway vs Travis “Flip” Gordon, Beyond Wrestling: Apocalypse Dudes, 10/29
  • Session Goths vs No Fun Police, Fight Club Pro: Day of the Dead, 11/2

Non-WWE Segment of The Week


Progress Chapter 56: La Danse Macabre, 11/2

Sure, we gotta boo the heels, but holy heck I write this in praise of this segment. Because

  1. excellent payoff to what Progress was building.
  2. Vicky Haskins is a deity, or possibly a demon.

A closed system inevitably descends into disorder 

📷 @POA_wrestler

Honorable Mentions:

WWE Match of The Week:

Authors of Pain vs SAnitY featuring William Regal’s Takeover Announcement

NXT, 11/1

Not only was this a fun match in a week filled with fun WWE matches, but it has a little bonus at the end. Something that most got spoiled by in one way or another.

Honorable Mentions:

WWE Segment of the Week:

“Everybody can get it, and everybody will” – Samoa Joe

Monday Night Raw, 10/30

Watch this promo and answer me this question:

How is Joe not the champion of the universe at this point?

Is it because being a little chubb and not being white are both things that Vince doesn’t think work, and combined, he just can’t put the rocket on you? God damn Joe is the best.

Honorable Mentions: