The Upside of Social Media: A Generation Prepared

The younger generations, as they always do, have been getting roasted by their elders for being obsessed with social media. Harangued about the vacuousness of their online pursuits, and streaming snippets from their lives.

But, you know what, this past week taught us that you do not fuck with debate club teens who grew up during the age of Snapchat and Instagram Stories.

Sure, Twitter and Facebook enable bullying, but the over-sharing in those networks may have finally found its upside. I have no evidence about how these teens found themselves ready to mic-drop on Marco Rubio, but the key difference about life in their teens against life during the original Columbine, is clear.

The smartphone places all of the tools in their pockets, enabling their brasher, bolder impulses that will soon give way with age. This gives them the ability to speak up.

P.S. But let’s not act like this is anything extremely recent, because the kids making headlines today are being listened to, and given a major stage, in part because they are white, while those of the Black Lives Matter movement, got dismissed.

By Henry T. Casey

Pop Culture Pen For Hire

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