# Watch This Wrestling 22 (6/4—10)

Thankfully, I say wearily, this was a week with a manageable amount of wrestling. Of course, that still included an NJPW event and a Progress event, on top of the weekly regulars.

What’s there to say about this week other than … well, someone better cash in that white briefcase immediately if Lana wins the world title. If her Talking Smack appearance was anything to go on, WWE is possibly going to take the ravishing Russian’s solo career seriously, rather than as a joke, as it did Eva Marie’s never-started one.

Also, make sure to check out the Honorable Mention for best non-WWE segment of the week. It’s a joy.

As always, if I’m missing anything that can be accessed without too much trouble, @ me on twitter: henrytcasey.

What I Watched

  • Progress Chapter 51: Super Strong Style 16, Day 3, 6/4 (VOD post-date)
  • WWE Extreme Rules, 6/4
  • Monday Night Raw, 6/5
  • ROH Wrestling, 6/5
  • SmackDown LIVE, 6/6
  • 205 Live, 6/6
  • Talking Smack Live, 6/6
  • NXT, 6/7
  • Lucha Underground, 6/7
  • NJPW: Road To Dominion, 6/9

Upcoming Watch List

  • NJPW: Dominion, 6/11
  • Monday Night Raw, 6/12
  • ROH Wrestling, 6/12
  • SmackDown LIVE, 6/13
  • 205 Live, 6/13
  • Talking Smack Live, 6/13
  • NXT, 6/14
  • Lucha Underground, 6/14

Non-WWE Segment of The Week

Backstage Bad News for Johnny Mundo

Lucha Underground, 6/7

No video here, but we’ve got a photo still that should be enough to make those of you with El Rey willing to give this show a chance if you haven’t already.

John Hennigan is doing wonders with the himbo role of Mundo, and as-always, he’s getting by with a little help from his friends in the Worldwide Underground.

Honorable Mentions:

Non-WWE Match of The Week:

Tyler Bate vs Travis Banks

Progress Chapter 51: Super Strong Style 16, Day 3, 6/4 (VOD post-date)

I’ve heard a lot about Travis Banks, from those who love him and believe what he’s selling. As someone who had originally seen him as great, but still the least engaging member of the South Pacific Power Trip, I was waiting for a match like this.

Not watching Progress? The three-day Super Strong Style 16 tournament is a great way to jump in. As you’ll see below, even it’s final day was filled with wonder.

Honorable Mentions:

  • Zack Sabre Jr. vs Travis Banks, Progress Chapter 51: Super Strong Style 16, Day 3, 6/4 (VOD post-date)
  • Matt Riddle vs Tyler Bate, Progress Chapter 51: Super Strong Style 16, Day 3, 6/4 (VOD post-date)
  • Kaylee Ray vs Katey Harvey, Progress Chapter 51: Super Strong Style 16, Day 3, 6/4 (VOD post-date)
  • Pete Dunne vs Jeff Cobb, Progress Chapter 51: Super Strong Style 16, Day 3, 6/4 (VOD post-date)
  • Mil Muertes vs Prince Puma, Lucha Underground, 6/7
  • Gedo and Tomohiro Ishii vs Yujiro Takahashi and Hangman Page, NJPW: Road To Dominion, 6/9
  • Roppongi Vice (Beretta, Rocky Romero) and Kazuchika Okada vs The Elite (Nick and Matt Jackson and Kenny Omega), NJPW: Road To Dominion, 6/9

WWE Match of The Week:

Samoa Joe vs Roman Reigns vs Finn Bálor vs Seth vs Bray Wyatt

WWE Extreme Rules, 6/4

First of all, I’d like to get some credit for calling the finish to this weeks before it happened, during The Ring Post 19.

Second of all, damn, what a fantastic showcase for the top talent of the WWE’s flagship brand. Many are despondent over the absence of Braun Strowman, but this match reminded us that the five top regularly-working male superstars can still go.

Lastly, isn’t the sight of Bray and Joe carrying those steps just the best?

Honorable Mentions:

WWE Segment of the Week:

Samoa Joe and Paul Heyman Get Intimate

Monday Night Raw, 6/5

This segment is the official kickoff of Samoan Joseph’s Big Chance Push. Those of us who’d seen him prior to his showing up in NXT to save Finn Bálor knew there was something fantastic in the guy, and this moment let the entire WWE audience find out.

Nobody can be as afraid as Paul Heyman, who did a masterful job here with Joe.

Honorable Mentions:

By Henry T. Casey

Pop Culture Pen For Hire

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