Watch This Wrestling 12 (3/24 – 30)

This week’s going to be kind of an abridged edition, because I’ll be publishing the next week’s edition very soon after this. So, no Upcoming Watch List, as most of that’s already happened.

If I’m missing anything @ me on twitter: @henrytcasey.

What I Watched:

  • WCPW Pro Wrestling World Cup: UK Qualifier, 3/25
  • NJPW Road to Sakura Genesis, 3/26
  • ROH Wrestling, 3/27
  • Monday Night Raw, 3/27
  • WWE 24: WrestleMania Monday, 3/27
  • SmackDown Live, 3/28
  • 205 Live, 3/28
  • Talking Smack Live, 3/28
  • Kurt Angle: Oh, It’s True…It’s True!, 3/28
  • EVOLVE Mini-Doc: Keith Lee – YouTube 3/28
  • NXT, 3/29
  • Progress: Freedom’s Road 6
  • EVOLVE 80, 3/30
  • GCW – Joey Janela’s Spring Break!, 3/30
  • WWE Bring it to the Table, 3/30

Non-WWE Segment of The Week:

We Haven’t Seen The Worst Of Ethan Page?!?!

YouTube / Ethan Page

Most indie shows don’t give promos a lot of time in the ring, so it can be on the talent to make it happen. Ethan Page’s YouTube, therefore, is something that Evolve should be sponsoring for its benefit to the company.

Remember when Undertaker started crafting videos and sending them in as teasers? Remember how that didn’t really make much sense? Who taught this guy how to edit? Page, as the obsessive asshole looking to ruin moments for Johnny Gargano and Zack Sabre Jr., and spending all his time crafting and cutting these videos and rants, works in a very easy way.

Honorable Mention:

Non-WWE Match of the Week:

Jason Kincaid vs Jaka vs Lio Rush

EVOLVE 80, 3/30

In a surprise move, Lio Rush was added to this match at bell-time, turning it into a Three-way freestyle match. And while the meditating Kincaid and yelling Jaka can both go, the addition of Rush turned this match into hyper-mode.

And if anyone hadn’t seen Mr. Rush Hour before, now they know who to keep an eye out for going forward. Love the teased team-ups and backstabbing, and how his speed contrasted with Jaka’s size and strength and how his cocky charisma worked with Kincaid’s nonsense. Proved that he’s able to work with all type.

Evolve 80 can be found on the FloSlam subscription service.

Honorable Mention:

  • Drew Galloway vs Ricochet, WCPW World Cup UK Qualifier Bonus Match, 3/25
  • Joey Janela’s Spring Break Clusterfuck: Arik Cannon vs Bryan Idol vs Crazy Boy vs Dink vs Ethan Page vs Façade vs Glacier vs Invisible Man vs Jervis Cottonbelly vs Jimmy Lloyd vs John Silver vs Travis Gordon vs Veda Scott, 3/30
  • Dan “The Beast” Severn vs Matt Riddle from Joey Janela’s Spring Break!, 3/30

WWE Segment of the Week:

The Redemption of Crossfit Jesus Seth Rollins

Monday Night Raw, 3/27

The Seth Rollins Face Turn had been a catastrophe. For months, crowds limply cheered for the guy as he yelled at Stephanie about Triple H. Then Rollins gets injured, and the heat gets transferred to Samoa Joe, and it becomes about Joe and Triple H.

But then on the go-home Raw before Mania, everything finally snapped into place. Seth danced around the topic of betraying Roman and Dean, but sold his humble state of mind with regret about selling out to Trips. Sure this match could end his career, but that’s how much he needs redemption.

WWE Match of the Week:

Johnny Gargano vs Akam vs Dash Wilder

NXT, 3/29

In a solid tease of what’s likely the following week’s WWE Match of the Week, NXT gave a triple-threat version of its tag team titles match. Everything here shows the creativity of the superstars at work, especially  the teased team-up between Wilder and Gargano and the sneaky chicanery of The Revival.

By Henry T. Casey

Pop Culture Pen For Hire

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