The Ring Post

In June 2015, I discovered that Myke Hurley, a UK-based professional podcaster whose Relay FM Podcast network hosts a ton of great content and whose I’d followed for a bit, was a fan of WWE’s NXT brand. NXT was — and may still be, we’re not exactly sure — the developmental system for the WWE. What AAA Baseball is for the MLB, if that’s your cup of tea. After I brought our shared fandom up, he followed me back on Twitter, and we began to talk wrestling sporadically.

Every now and again the topic of him starting a pro wrestling podcast would come up, but the truth was that Pro Wrestling is a different kind of nerdy content that doesn’t quite fit the kind of tech nerdy subject matter that is discussed on his RelayFM podcast network.

But in December 2015, Myke started talking about pro wrestling on his Analog(ue) podcast, a show about feelings. In producing this episode, Myke admitted that this discussion would lead to more debate about him starting a pro wrestling podcast. Myke then went to see NXT Takeover: London, an event I’d be watching from my couch. As wrestling fans do, we text about the event until our thumbs were numb.

This April, Myke went public with the news that he had told me over Twitter DMs. That he would be starting a wrestling podcast on Jason Snell’s The Incomparable podcast network, and it would be called The Ring Post.

I tell this whole story because the first full episode of The Ring Post goes live tomorrow, and I’m a contributor! Myke and I talk about the WWE Draft that will take place on July 19, and Myke and Polygon’s Dave Tach talk NXT and more. Thank you for reading these posts and listen here!

By Henry T. Casey

Pop Culture Pen For Hire

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