In what I’m going to call “Having Watched The Throne” … Collin Orcutt and I go in, go H•A•M, on Watch The Throne, AKA Rap Christmas in August. Topics covered:

  • The big winner of the Record, Rank-Fay Cean-Oay.
  • Lift Off – the song you almost wanted to delete, and now dig.
  • Otis – a throwback track for Kanye, which for Kanye means three records ago.
  • Multiple producers, and how that’s seen later in the record.
  • Jay-Z’s Achilles Heel being Love, and his wanting to be loved as a king.
  • The Massive Biblical Content of the album.
  • Kanye being the musician that Jay-Z actually didn’t leave as a body on the ground in the trail behind him.
  • The solidifcation of the digital distribution model.
  • Keeping Swizz Beats’ voice away from every song for five years.
  • Who won, Jay or Kanye? Or rather: Who needed this more?

If you like it, share it. Feedback should be directed to us on twitter: @withapassion and @collin_orcutt. I think I talked too much, as many will tell you I tend to do in real life.

All music played on the podcast is credited not to us, but to those who created it. And please, can someone shut Swizz Beats up?

By Henry T. Casey

Pop Culture Pen For Hire

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